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Morocco: A prodigal son gives conditions. by/Owei Lake

Africa, beloved of God has many sons and daughters. Some of them in ancient Egypt gave the world its modern civilization. It also gave Greece its philosophy which became the basis of Western thought and philosophy. However, a different race

Childhood in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara. by/AdalaUK

Soldiers, police officers, demonstrations and attacks are recurrent themes in Saharawi children’s drawings. A child’s drawing, as a spontaneous expression, represents a child’s thought processes and its perceptions of the world around it. Fear and sadness which children transmit through

Remembering a man of peace. By David Keene

Mohamed Abdelaziz, President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic passed away May 31. Few Americans who read the short obligatory mention of his death had ever heard of him or knew there even is a Sahrawi Republic, but he was

A wall around occupied El Aaiun: protection or aggression?. By/ Equipe Média

From March 17 to April 13, a Moroccan company beholden to the occupying authorities built a wall over 4 km long situated about 500 meters from the “25 Mars“neighbourhood in the Eastern suburbs of the city of El Aaiun in

Ban Ki-Moon Has Sparked a Diplomatic Crisis in Western Sahara. By/ TOM O’BRYAN

Ban Ki-Moon’s criticism of Morocco’s 40-year “occupation” of Western Sahara during his visit to the territory on March 8, 2016 has sparked the most serious crisis in the region in decades. Morocco denounced the Secretary General’s “biased” rhetoric, and“irreversibly” expelled

Australian fertilisers helping prop up Africa’s last colony. by/Kamal Fadel

Many Australians know the economic value of natural resources first hand, from the reliance of indigenous people on the land, to the establishment of various agricultural and resource-based economies in the European era. In fact, it’s fair to say that

Western Sahara: A Lasting Peace? by/Nina Nedrebø

Why does the international community see Saharawi people as less worth than other people the world that are suffering? Saharawis suffer as much as all the others with much post-traumatic stress they as refugees still recall. Many Saharawis have suffered

The Saharawi Tea Ceremony. by/Agaila Abba

“Salam Aliukum,” she said With a smile as she greeted her guests She got up to reach for her tea set Offering the warmest of hospitality As she sat to get the tea ready Her warmnessfilled the room With her

Could war come back to Western Sahara? Some of Algeria’s Sahrawi refugees think so. By/Whitney Shefte

The Washington Post Could war come back to Western Sahara? Some of Algeria’s Sahrawi refugees think so. Tumana Ahmed is tired of dreaming of a homeland she has never seen. The 28-year-old was born in the desolate desert of western

Sea Change In US-Cuba Relations Makes Waves Deep In Desert. by/LINN WASHINGTON, Jr.

Tinduf, Algeria. News about the historic change of relations between the United States and Cuba triggered cheers across the five Sahrawi refugee camps located near this Sahara Desert city located 1,100-miles southwest of Algeria’s capital of Algiers on the Mediterranean Sea.